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How to post a referral code?

Step 1 : Sign Up

Click on "Sign Up/In" at the top of the page, to the right of the menu

Sign up tutorial web3referrals
Sign up zoom menu

You will be redirected to the registration page

Log up website

You can register with your email or with Google & Facebook

Log up 2 website

Enter your email & password then click on ''Sign Up''

Log up 3 website

Step 2: Find your referral codes

Log in to a platform and locate the "referral" section

Binance tutorial
Binance referral section

Find your referral code/link and copy it

Binance referral program

Step 3: Post your code

Look for your platform in the codes or categories section

Section code webreferrals

Scroll down to the posting section or press the button

Binance web3referrals

Paste your code, press "SEND'' then refresh the page

post your code section

Your referral code will be listed at the top

Binance web3referrals

Video tutorial

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